The WWPF Entertainment Group's Mission Statement:
To Spread Honesty, Loyalty, and Love through our music and to teach others to do the same. We want to change how hip-hop is being expressed and viewed in today's society for the better and to teach others how to do the same. 
We Provide services such as:
- Speak at schools/universities
- Community support
- Video Production
    - Music Videos
    - Interviews
    - Concert/Show footage
- Photoshoots
- recording/beat Production
- mixing and mastering of songs
- Visual Design
    - Logos/Symbols
    - Website Design
    - Banners, Flyers, etc.
The WWPF Entertainment Group  is an Athens based organization that helps the youth learn and pursue their gifts to ultimately help them achieve anything in life.
The All Love Movement
The "All Love" Movement is the idea centered around loving everyone through God and through truth and honesty. We teach everyone to love themselves and to better themselves so that one day someone else can be helped through their own spiritual victories. 
Meet the Pack
These are the hardworking individuals that make up the pack which is built upon love, loyalty, respect, and faith. We all share one common goal and that is to spread love and truth to everyone, to show the world that there is a better way to live, and that through music, we can heal and inspire positivity in the community.
Versatyle tha Wildchyld
Versatyle tha Wildchyld was raised in Athens, GA and has always had a gift and a passion for music. Versatyle, in every sense of the word, creates diverse and uplifting lyrics to help inspire people who need it the most. To fans of music, his music is, from top to bottom, REAL hip-hop. His lyrics are felt with every syllable and his messages could inspire even the most desperate of souls. His musical sound, lyrics, and overall quality are beyond any other on the planet. While honing his skills as an artist, Versatyle, throughout his life, went down a sinful path that took him through the lowest depths of poverty, violence, and addiction, and through all his many struggles, he decided to use the gift God gave him not for selfish endeavors but for His glory alone. As a man battle-tested by the devil, Versatyle arose a true prophet of God, and wanted nothing else but to help others find love and truth. For any one person, his life's struggle would be too great to overcome, however, Versatyle persevered and his love grew so much through God that he wanted to create a righteous path for everyone to follow so that no one would ever have to suffer through life like he did and from that ideal came The Wild Wolf Pack movement. The Wild Wolf Pack is a family of honest, hardworking, and loyal individuals with immensely diverse pasts who all share one common theme: Love in Truth. Versatyle has shown that God takes care of people who are loyal, use their gifts to help others, who love one another unconditionally, and people who constantly seek joy out of learning and growing as people of God. This knowledge he extends to anyone who wants to better themselves and work to change the world into a better place for all to live in and prosper. To name a few accomplishments, Versatyle got signed with Matt McClure of McClure Entertainment group, an entrpeneur from Athens who grew to become a multi-millionaire. With Matt, Versatyle launched his professional career with his debut album S.M.A.S.H. and his hit single "Southern Flavor (A Bulldogs Anthem)". Also, Versatyle released his first music video for his hit single "My Brother's Keepa" featuring Pastor Troy and dedicated it to JoJo Randolph, a young brother to Versatyle who was murdered in a gang altercation at his home. After parting ways with McClure Entertainment, Versatyle started his own TV show called Ranting and Raving on Youtube  where he shares with the world his beliefs and ideals. He also released two mixtapes entitled "Mr. Unfkwtble" and "S.O.A.R. (Songs of a Revolutionary) and won a contest in Atlanta with DBBS Entertainment to go on Tour of the West Coast in top cities such as Sacremento, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and Las Vegas. After the tour, Versatyle started the "All Love" movement to inspire people to live with nothing but love in their hearts. Also during this time, he accrued many prospects of top record companies who all had alternative motives for him and The Wild Wolf Pack. So he ultimately decided to opt for an independant label that allowed him and the pack to pursue their own interests of spreading love, honest music, and to help the youth grow into better leaders and better people for generations to come. 
Owner/Founder of WWPF Entertainment Group LLC, 
Alpha, Mentor, Philanthropist, Human Rights Activist, Hip-Hop artist, Martial Arts Instructor & Revolutionary
"Love in Truth", "Each one, teach one", "All Love", "Nothing is impossible", "It's not how you cross over line but how you run the race.", "Without truth there is no love...Love is truth, and the way to God is awareness and acceptance of self.", " The strongest force in the world is Love and God is love and love is truth, how can you love someone and lie to them?", "If you can't love your brother who is here in the flesh, how can you love your Creator who is here in the spirit?"
Phaziek tha Blessed

Secretary, Model, and spiritual wife to Versatyle tha Wildchyld 
Oryion Tailored
Ryan Nichols a.k.a Oryion Tailored was raised in a small town in Gwinnett called Grayson, Georgia. As a young athletic teenager with four older brothers, Oryion learned the innnate ability to pick up anything quickly and be good at it. In high school, Oryion was known for being positive and cool with everybody, however, his "people pleaser" mentality has been taken advantage of by the people that claimed to love him. After high school, Oryion went to the University of North Georgia to pursue Mathematics but quickly learned that he had a calling to help others. He never knew what was to come of his life, but he has always known he was meant for something great. Oryion has always had a love for music and when he met Versatyle tha Wildchyld, needless to say, he learned to build his own craft. Oryion quickly 
became Versatyle's apprentice and his right hand man. Through Versatyle's 
leadership, Oryion learned to accept God into his life and he grew into a monster on the track. He released his first single "Go For What You Know" in 2014 and continues to work on his skills as an emcee and as a person of God within The Wild Wolf Pack organization. Known for his big heart and his tenacity to learn, Oryion Tailored is and will be a force for years to come.  
Music/Sound Engineer , marketing manager, & apprentice emcee to Versatyle tha Wildchyld
Taylor "T-Lore" Bearden
Taylor Bearden a.k.a T-Lore grew up in a small town called Grayson, Georgia. At a very young age, T-Lore learned how to draw and frequently revisted his skill throughout his teenage years, using it as a way to express himself. Throughout his early years, T-lore was plagued by his poor decisions in choosing friends and companions.  However, he always found solice in listening to music, drawing, and helping others no matter what. After high school, T-lore was in desperate need of a fresh start and took the opportunity when he was accepted into the University of Georgia. Still weary of trying to figure out what his purpose in life was, T-Lore finally realized that Art was what he always came back to. However, it wasnt until meeting Versatyle in his fourth year of school that he found his true calling and a way to combine the two things he loved most; Art and music. T-lore is now, through Versatyle's guidance, a person of God, a graphic designer, logo designer and a film director/editor. 
Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of WWPF Entertainment Group LLC, Public Relations Director for Versatyle,  Graphic designer, web designer, 
promoter, marketer, photographer & Film director/editor
Gabe Ram
Chief Financial Officer forWWPF Entertainment, Photogrpaher, Filmographer, & Marketer